El Tezcalame

El Tezcalame

Costa Alegre, Jalisco


After a delay in its progress due to the contingency of the pandemic, tourism in Costa Alegre rebounded strongly. This corridor includes more than 250 kilometers of beautiful beaches, cliffs, jungles, river mouths, estuaries, and mangroves, as well as extremely luxurious hotels such as Four Seasons.

Soon you will be able to arrive at the Costa Alegre through the international airport of Chalacatepec. Many investors and celebrities have already set their sights on the area.

The subject site is located in the municipality of Tomatlan, within the emerging Costa Alegre touristic corridor, roughly 73 kilometers (45 miles) south of Puerto Vallarta, a major resort market, and approximately 79 kilometers (49 miles) north of Costa Careyes, which is a consolidated and internationally renowned, low-density, luxury resort-residential community. This site is in the municipality of Tomatlan, Jalisco.

El Tezcalame has 451 hectares of uneven rolling hills of varied elevations and flatlands within the internal portion of the parcel, as well as sand dunes along the beach frontage. The shape of the parcel should permit efficient use of the site for building and site improvements, including ingress and egress. With easy access to Federal Highway 200 and its proximity to Puerto Vallarta, the site is well suited for a resort-residential master-planned community.

Primary regional access through the area is provided by Federal Highway 200, which extends along the Mexican Pacific Coast, providing north/south access within the Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Costa Alegre corridors.

On its Jalisco portion, this highway underwent extensive modernization work and was widened between El Tuito and Melaque. Furthermore, a bypass highway (macrolibramiento) is planned to be constructed between northern and southern Puerto Vallarta, which would shorten travel time considerably from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, located approximately 80 kilometers (50 miles) to the northeast of the subject site. It should be noted that the subject site is also located roughly 48 kilometers (30 miles) north of the site for the planned Chalacatepec Airport which, initially, is anticipated to be used primarily by private planes and, in a later phase, for commercial aviation.

Primary vehicular access to the subject site is provided by El Gargantillo off the Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo highway (Federal Highway 200), a road leading from the highway to the town of La Cruz de Loreto. From this town, access is provided by a dirt road. The subject site is relatively simple to locate from Federal Highway 200, which is the nearest major highway. Overall, the subject site is secluded and is not visible from these thoroughfares, a desirable attribute for a resort location.

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