Mexico’s Costalegre, a 130-mile stunnig coastline reaching from Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo. At its core is the unique estate of Campo Acosta Parcel, with pristine beaches, rolling mountains, and undisturbed natural beauty.

The entire coast of Costalegre has been privileged with the conservation of its native flora and fauna, with relatively few developments or human settlements. This graces the region as an ecological attraction like few in the world, presenting many business opportunities as a destination for residents and tourists looking to live in harmony with the planet.

With an overall area of about 1000 hectares (2,400 acres), Campo Acosta Parcel borders the Pacific Ocean with about 5.0 kilometers (3.1 miles), and an average depth towards the mountains of 2.2 kilometers (1.4 mile). The area includes the mountain peaks, which provide both a natural land barrier and exceptional views of the Ocean.

Ocean Front 
The ocean front is composed mainly of large white sand beaches, bordered by sand dunes. In some isolated areas, there are spectacular rock formations that provide contrast to the sand. Only a walk along this great expanse of beautiful and varied ocean front can do justice to this land.

One of the main attractions for the region of Campo Acosta Parcel is it’s ideal climate. The zone combines a tropical latitude with very low humidity and rainfall, allowing for very steady temperatures and many sunny days throughout the year. The rainy season lasts only about three months, from July to September, when the natural vegetation springs to life for some amazing flora and fauna spectacles. The average temperature varies only about 8 degrees throughout the year, providing a great climate in which to live and vacation.

Land-Use Ordinance
The current Ecological Ordinance Program of Costalegre, designates Campo Acosta Parcel as one of only five zones for tourist development, including all of the beach front and about 100 meters in elevation up the mountains. The very tops of the mountains are currently reserved for very low-density construction due to the virgin state of the flora and fauna, which are in turn one of the main attractions of this property.

• Total land area: 1,000 hectares (2,400 acres) aprox.
• 5.0 km of pristine sandy beach frontage.
• Ideal for tourism development.
• Excellent year-round climate.
• Great buying opportunity!

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