Chamela Lot 1


Lot size: 44 hectares
Beach: 187.5 meters
Sale price: $8,000,000 USD


  • Area of 44 hectares with 187.5 meters of oceanfront
  • Coastal location
  • 150 kilometers South of Puerto Vallarta
  • 11 Kilometers North from Careyes.

Spectacular Natural Setting:

  • Eleven islands and several islets create an unparalleled backdrop.
  • Sand and jungle fusion form breathtaking landscapes.

Chamela Bay’s Unique Offering:

  • The only bay in Mexico with more islands within its embrace.
  • Wildlife thrives, showcasing nature’s splendor.

Strategic Coastal Location:

  • Situated on the Mexican Pacific Coast in Chamela Bay, Jalisco.
  • Proximity to major tourist areas on Costa Alegre.
  • Strategic point on the coastal highway, just an hour from Puerto Vallarta.

Vast Development Potential:

  • Ideal for tourist development, private retreats, or commercial ventures.
  • An investment opportunity for maximizing returns.

Infrastructure and Connectivity:

  • Three registered water wells from CONAGUA.
  • Power line service, fiber optics, and reliable cell phone signal.
  • Located at the crossroads of the only two roads leading to Chamela.

Secluded Paradise Experience:

  • Crystal-clear waters, palm trees, and pristine white sand beach.
  • Limited crowds, providing undisturbed relaxation.

Unmatched Accessibility:

  • Positioned at the crossroads of the only two roads reaching Chamela.
  • One hour by road from Puerto Vallarta, ensuring easy accessibility.

Investment Opportunity of a Lifetime:

  • Perfect canvas for realizing tourist, private, or commercial development.
  • A strategic investment for those seeking to make the most of their resources.

Modern Comforts Amidst Nature:

  • Enjoy modern amenities with registered water wells and power infrastructure.
  • Fiber optics and cell phone signal for seamless connectivity.

Timeless Appeal:

  • An opportunity for a lifetime, appealing to those with a vision for extraordinary living.
  • Secure your piece of this coastal paradise – act now!
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